Saturday, September 30, 2017


First Grade News
September 29th, 2017
“Growing Innovators Who Will Change The World”

At Math time we have started a new unit: Creating Routines Using Data.  Through the story Just Enough Carrots by Stuart J. Murphy we have been counting and comparing sets of objects, using math words such as same, more, less and we learned two new math games “Tens Go Fish” and “Closest to Ten”. 

Letters we have worked on this week include: v, w, x, and y. 

We used play-do to build word wall words (high frequency words).

 We have been stretching and writing words by listening for sounds and recording the letters we hear when we are writing.

We came together with our first grade neighbors and found a “star” inside an apple.

Our Monarch emerged! Third grade tagged and released it for us as we all cheered on.  We have another that has just started forming its chrysalis. It has been so exciting!

We had Four Winds (our monthly nature program) and learned all about insects.

Every Tuesday we will be spending the afternoon in the woods.  Please be sure your child dresses appropriately and has appropriate footwear.

Please remember that our school is NUT FREE especially when you are baking any shared treats (for birthdays, holiday celebrations, etc.).  Be sure to always CHECK LABELS for ingredient list and if things are manufactured on equipment that also processes tree nuts and peanuts.

Friday, September 8, 2017


Specials Schedule

Mondays:  P.E.

Tuesdays: Woods Exploration, Library/Technology

Wednesdays:  Guidance, P.E.

Thursdays: Art, Music 

Fridays:  REP, Reading Buddies, Music