Tuesday, November 21, 2017


First Grade News
November 6-21 2017 
“Growing Innovators Who Will Change The World”

During math time we were problem solvers! First we had to figure out the total number of buttons on our clothes and then the total number of pockets on our clothes.  We had to count but also organize in a way to keep track of everyone and not miss anyone!  We also visited many stations and counted their totals.  We used our counting data to create a graph. This week we took a “One Minute Challenge”. We had one minute to count and gather cubes/bears, we had to estimate, count, put numbers in order, and place on a number line. Whew! We have been busy these past few weeks.

We wrote a class letter and sent pictures to the Bennington Veterans Home, thanking them for their service. 

We have been learning about Pilgrims and Native Americans.  We took a virtual tour on the Mayflower! We learned about the daily lives of Pilgrims and Native Americans. We discussed past verses present and compared our lives today with those of the Pilgrims. Next week we will focus on things we are thankful for and we will come together with our first grade friends. 

In our writing we learned a way to bring our pictures to life. In our reading we learned that readers double check their words with the pictures and think about what makes sense as well as readers keep trying and never give up when you get stuck on a word. There is always a strategy to try and try again :)

*There is no school next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!

*Every Tuesday we will be spending the afternoon in the woods.  The weather is now cold PLEASE PLEASE  be sure your child dresses appropriately and has appropriate footwear.

*Please remember that our school is NUT FREE especially when you are baking  any shared treats (for birthdays, holiday celebrations, etc.).  Be sure to always CHECK LABELS for ingredient list and if things are manufactured on equipment that also processes tree nuts and peanuts.


Friday, September 8, 2017


Specials Schedule

Mondays:  P.E.

Tuesdays: Woods Exploration, Library/Technology

Wednesdays:  Guidance, P.E.

Thursdays: Art, Music 

Fridays:  REP, Reading Buddies, Music